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From: Michael Raburn
Guys, thanks for the responses. (Even if a couple of you accused me of
being evil after the last couple of chapters) I would be lying if I told
you that the only reason I write is for you, a lot of it has to do with my
own need to get these stories out of my head. But, I also have a need to
share these with you and it is great to hear what you think and how you are
reacting as the plots develop. Yeah, I know some of you gripe about the
cliffhangers (Tbear and Dave) but that's the way they come magical young nudes out. I really
don't consciously construct them to leave you hanging on. (yeah, right, he
says laughing) Hugs to you all.DYLAN'S HOPE
Michael A. Raburn
Chapter 13Voices whispered around me long before I was able to clear the blackness
from my head. I was lying down; warm, comfortable young exposed nudes for the first time it
seemed in ages. The soft fuzziness of the velour blanket stroked my cheek
as I stirred. I tried to get my limbs to respond so I could sit up."What's wrong with him. He was screaming before he passed out." Some one
asked."I'm not sure. It could have been a nervous breakdown or there could be
something more wrong with him." Sarah was saying to somebody.I tried to shake the grogginess I felt from my head and quickly realized
that was not a good idea. My forehead felt like someone had hit me with a
baseball bat. Finally my arm moved enough so I could get young nymph pics my hand up to my
head and feel a bruised knot about the size of a walnut."Jon, try to lie still. Can you hear me?" Sarah asked.My voice cracked as I tried to respond to her voice."Mark, get him some water." She called to her brother. "Jon, can you open
your eyes?""No." I croaked, my voice strained, my throat raw from the screaming."Jon, try to open your eyes. You passed out and hit your head."Slowly I eased my eyes open just enough to make out her face above mine.
She leaned over me and flashed a penlight in my eyes."Can you follow my youngest hard porn finger?" She asked.I nodded and performed the task she requested."You had us so worried." Sarah was explaining. "Here, try to drink some of
this." She pushed a glass towards my lips.I managed to swallow some of the water before I realized how thirsty I
truly was and then gulped the remainder. She took the glass back, sitting
it on the bedside table. My eyes followed her movements and I realized
that I was in my own bed and not in the hospital."How did I get here? How naked young teenz long?" I asked."You've been out a couple of hours." She answered, her voice soothing me
as she stroked my face. Over her shoulder I could see Mark and Robert
whispering to each other, their faces reflecting obvious concern as their
eyes darted from me to Sarah.Memories rushed back to me from the darkness and I again began to sob."Dylan, Andrea." I called."Hush, young naked babys
Jon. Try to calm down." She was telling me.The terror was again rising around me, the blackness again threatened. The
cackle of his laughter was getting louder and louder. I squeezed my eyes
shut against the onslaught."Hand me my bag." She yelled. "Help me."The blanket was pulled from my chest and I felt hands roll me over and then
I felt the sharp sting of the needle sinking into the muscles of my rear
end.Abruptly I felt myself relax and I was able to breathe again properly. My
sobbing was less violent, the memories fading away from my mind."I need my Dylan." I pleaded, my voice faltering. "Baby." I whispered,
sleep wrapping itself around me. Warm arms surrounded me; I smelled his
scent as the blankets were tucked around me.
Memories of our lovemaking overwhelmed my senses. My lips caressed his
neck, searching for the secret spot that only I knew would make him moan.
My hands roamed up his ribs, feeling his muscles flex against me. His
strong arms pulled me down to lie on him."I love you so much." I whispered in his ears.His hands reached between us to grasp nudity pictures young my young fucking teens hardening cock. My hands slid
around his sides and down his back. Grasping at his buttocks I spread his
legs, my fingers running up and down his butt crack. I could feel him pull
one of his hands back and reach out from the bed. It returned full of lube
that he rubbed around my dick, stroking me young little nudity
slowly. He wiped the slippery
fluid across my fingers, greasing them, and then he guided them to his
rosebud. So many times we had rehearsed this dance that preceded my
entering him. Each time he would moan louder as I added fingers to his
channel, opening him up to receive me deep inside his body.His legs wrapped around my waist, his cock grazed my belly as he pulled me
towards him."Oh, Jon." He whimpered against my neck."Baby." I moaned, turning my head so our lips could meet. We ravished each
other's mouths as he guided me into him. "Oh, God." I groaned, my cock
bottoming out in him.Sliding slowly, easily from him the glove of his body caressed me as he
tightened his muscles. I paused with only the head of my cock still in him
for a second before I again slid into him. Slowly, we established a lazy,
loving rhythm where he humped against the fur on my belly on the down
stroke. From the way he was moaning young lollita movies
I could tell he would not need to
touch himself to orgasm. young girls pussy The head of my cock was gliding by his prostrate
on each stroke causing him to tremble in my arms."Oh, Daddy." He moaned, releasing his taught muscles, his cum spraying
against me."I love you, Dylan." I took my last stroke and felt myself emptying into
his bottom.My breath slowed as I lay holding him in my arms, kissing his neck. Our
combined sweat and his cum glued us together as I collapsed into his loving
Slowly becoming aware of myself again, I reached my hand out to pull Dylan
back to me. I searched the bed for him young lollita movies but only got handfuls of rumpled
sheets and then remembered. I rolled over and sat up on the edge of the
bed and took a deep breath, determined that I had to deal calmly with the
aftermath of, what the day before? Two days? Unsure of how long I had
been asleep, I stretched my arms and stood up. Running my hands down my
chest I found the crusty remains of cum covering the hair on my belly. I
could not remember the last time I had a wet dream.I stumbled over to the window, looking out into the night at the back yard,
flooded with moonlight. I glanced back at the bedside table and the alarm
clock. It was typical of me to be awake at four in the morning rummaging
around anyway. It seemed as if nothing was out of the ordinary. That
disturbing thought bounced around in my head as I walked to the bathroom
and started the shower."Oh, Andrea." I moaned out loud as the water cascaded over me. "My
baby..." I cried, tears again running down my face. I leaned my arms on
the tiled wall and sobbed.
"Daddy," she sobbed. "The tooth fairy forgot me." She held up the
envelope we had tucked under her pillow the night before. Our tradition
was to put the newly pulled tooth in an envelope then she would find the
money magically in the envelope the following morning. But, indeed the
fairy, me, had forgotten exploited young girls the night before. I was up to my neck in reports
and proposals and had fallen asleep in the chair."Honey, let's put it back for a little while. Maybe it was a busy night
and she hasn't gotten here yet. You never know how many children lost
teeth yesterday. Surely it's got to be a lot of work for one little
fairy."She looked up at me like I had lost my mind. "You sure?" She asked."Yep, I'm sure that's what happened. I'll go with you and we'll put it
back for a little while then you can check after you get dressed and see if
she finished her rounds."So hand in hand we went back to the bedroom and hid the envelope back under
the pillow."What are you going to wear to school today, Andrea?" I asked, trying to
distract her from the tooth. She disappeared in the walk-in closet for a
moment, just enough time for me to take the crumpled envelope out of my
pocket and switch it for the other."How about these?" She asked, reemerging from the closet holding up her
favorite pink pants and an orange shirt."Well, if you're sure." I laughed, my hand clutching the treasure in my
pocket. "Go and wash your face and get dressed. I'm going to go get some
breakfast ready.""Okay." She leaned over for a hug and a kiss then scrambled away towards
her bathroom.I took the finished young kiddy sluts
waffles from the toaster and turned around to she my
daughter dressed in her mismatched outfit smugly waving the dollar bill in
the air. She was grinning like it was the happiest day of her life."Well, she did make it didn't she?" I asked.
"You need to get busy. There are things to do." I muttered to myself as I
shut off the shower and grabbed for a towel. I dried off and slipped into
some clean boxers and headed out of the bedroom towards the kitchen.I glanced down the hall at the two spare bedrooms, both doors closed. The
lights were off in the living room but the moonlight streamed in through
the windows. I could hear someone's gentle snore as I stepped young exposed nudes in the room.
Leaning over the sofa I saw Sarah asleep, the blanket kicked off in the
floor. I retrieved it and spread it over her gently, so young nude anal not to wake her.
I turned towards the kitchen and gasped at the sight before me.Sitting in one of the wing chairs, he appeared to be asleep. One arm was
stretched around his knees, the other, limp across the arm of the chair,
his head laid back against the upholstery. The handsome face I so loved
was turned towards the window, the young teen vids
moon lighting his relaxed features. The
fine blonde hairs on his legs and his head flashed silvery gold. His
breathing moved his body so the highlights free young gallery
seemed to glimmer, glowing like
an angel in an old painting I had seen in the museum.I wanted to rush to hold him, to pull him against my body and tell him how
much I loved him and how much I would miss him, but I was frozen in awe of
the vision before me. Sinking to my knees I stared, trying to memorize
every detail before he vanished, before his ghost dissipated or moved on.
Tears were dripping off my chin and falling on my chest, my breath ragged
in my chest. Slowly, like I was approaching a skittish colt I inched my
way closer to the chair. Reaching out my hand I lightly caressed the
shimmering hair of his leg, afraid to touch him, yet afraid that I would
never get this chance again.Holding my breath, I bent my head down until it rested in his lap. I could
smell him, that scent that was so uniquely his. I settled in against him
and my breathing evened out as I realized he was solid and was not fleeing.
I yawned young kiddy sluts
and snuggled closer to him, my eyes closing. As sleep claimed me,
I felt his hand rest against my cheek."I love you." I murmured against his tummy.
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